# Frequently Asked Questions

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# Why FxFactory?

All our initial paid apps, such as BRAW Toolbox, Gyroflow Toolbox, Marker Toolbox, Recall Toolbox and Fast Collections were all released on the Apple Mac Store.

For Metaburner we decided to mix things up, and try out FxFactory.

FxFactory has a number of benefits for us:

  • FxFactory is a highly curated store focussed on editing professionals with a huge catalog of amazing products
  • FxFactory offers free trials and watermarked versions
  • FxFactory doesn't require Apps to be sandboxed
  • FxFactory offers developers advice and code-level technical support/guidance
  • FxFactory helps with user technical support
  • FxFactory helps with marketing and promotion
  • FxFactory has a number of technologies built into their software platform to make sure Motion Templates are updated correctly
  • The FxFactory team are super smart and super lovely - you have direct contact with their developers/engineers

# Why is my Project's FCPXML so large?

The Metaburner Title contains a full copy of the FCPXML document that is dragged into the Metaburner drop zone or imported via the Import Project via FCPXML button.

It also contains "processed data" which is basically a database/table/lookup of EVERY frame in the timeline, and all the metadata for that frame.

This means that if your Project's FCPXML is 1MB without the Metaburner Title, it's probably 2-3MB with the Metaburner Title applied.

# Why is there a delay loading presets?

When you press the Load Empty Preset, Load Built-in Preset or Load User Preset buttons there can be a short delay (i.e. spinning wheel of doom) before Final Cut Pro pops up the success message.

Unfortunately this seems to be a delay in Apple's FxPlug - and not something we can fix or improve in Metaburner.